16 Social media post ideas for SMEs


We recommend applying the 80/20 rule to your social media:

Informative and educational posts
Sales and promotional posts

Valuable information will engage your audience, and promoting your products and services will build your brand.

Take a look at some of our social media post ideas…

Informative and Educational


Infographics are a creative way to share written content on social media and are more engaging and more likely to be shared by followers. Infographics are a great format to present lots of information in a single visual, and can contain step-by-step guidelines, statistics, facts, vision, values etc.

Industry news & content

Any sort of information regarding your industry will be relevant to your followers/audience. You could share ‘did you know?’ posts, interviews with industry experts or explanation videos, or even information blogs.

Questions & polls

Ask your audience questions; it’s great for engagement. It may be something related to your industry/service/product that you’d like to conduct research or gather feedback on, or it could be silly, a simple conversation starter.

Top tips

What are your top tips on an industry related topic? People love an easy to digest list. It shows expertise and opinion while helping to build trust. A good example of this, would be the blog you’re reading right now.

Meet the team

Featuring employees on social media and giving gratitude for their work is humanising for your brand. You could write a simple ‘get to know’ blog or even a short video about your employees. It could contain what their role is, their workday or even just fun facts about them. This helps to grow brand personality and share expertise.

Blogs & articles

Your blog page is the main driver for website traffic. Sharing blog content across social networks can link to your website blogs and increase organic SEO. Create an eye-catching image/graphic for your post and link to your blog in the comments section rather than sharing the link itself to avoid any algorithms. Check out Glow’s blog page for some inspiration.

How to guides

Create a simple, step by step guide to an industry related task/issue or challenge. Again, it will emphasise your expertise and help to build strong relationships with your audience.

Q&As and live videos

If you’re feeling brave, go live and ask your audience to ask you questions. It really helps to humanise your brand and offers a quick and easy point of contact for your audience. Don’t fancy live? Then ask your audience to post their questions so you can be more considered in your response.

Sales and Promotional

Products & services

This one is simple; share what you do. Whether it’s a physical product or a service you provide, let your audience know the benefits of your offerings, any promotions you may have and why they should spend with you.

Celebrate good news

Won an award? Hired someone new? A new office space? Reached a new milestone? Let your audience be a part of the celebrations. It helps to build brand personality.

Company culture

Showing the inside of your company helps your audience to get to know you better. Post about how your company approaches certain things, what is a typical workday in your office, fun Fridays, birthday posts, an employee of the month.

Testimonials and case studies

People are more likely to purchase the product or use a service if it is recommended by other people. A positive testimonial is perfect for sharing. A case study allows you to share more details about your process and the result.

Job vacancies

Need a role filling? The power of social media may deliver, gaining you more exposure for the position. Ask your employees to reshare the post for the most exposure.


Going to an event soon? Ask your followers to come and meet you for a coffee. Once you’ve been, share photos and anything to note about your experience.


Another creative way of increasing followers and keeping them engaged with your account is competitions. The posts can be a hashtag challenge, brand filter, photo with your product, “best caption wins”, “best comments win” formats. Just be sure about the rules of competition and note, you may gain additional followers that do not fit your target audience.

Share behind-the-scenes

Display how a product is made, a service delivered or your customer service journey. Humans are nosy by nature, so sharing what goes on behind closed doors grabs attention. It can also add a personal element.

Social media is a great way to improve your brand awareness and audience engagement. Whether you utilise any of these ideas or have your own, be sure to be visible, current, and continuous in your posting. Be sure to respond to comments and engage with others as well as posting your own content.

Need help with your social media post ideas, give us an email – we’d be happy to help.

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