Strategy Power for Aquila Nuclear Engineering


This Week, we’ve been adorning our strategy skills and have created super useful analysis tools, for our long-standing client, Aquila Nuclear Engineering.

The Aquila CEO approached Glow to recommend analytical tools and to design and brand the documents before facilitating a team discussion.

Strategic marketing is one of our MD’s best kept secrets. After graduating (many, many moons ago) with a Business Studies degree, Lisa Lavis worked at Deloitte’s head office in Fleet Street, London, as a national marketing manager in charge of property and utilities. After London, she became a group marketing manager for a national engineering firm, where she worked as part of a 12 strong leadership team, to grow and sell the company. During these roles and throughout the last 20 years at Glow, Lisa has enjoyed getting under the skin of strategy planning and mapping out exciting new journeys for clients.

Aquila’s brief was for Glow to create a questionnaire and a couple of analytical tools for the commercial and legal teams to complete. We were conscious of usability and creating documents that could be worked on at pace but had enough detail to enable a good debate. Our chosen tools were the commonly used, but not to be overlooked, SWOT and PESTEL. A PESTEL analysis is a simple and widely used tool that helps analyse the Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural, Technological, Environmental and Legal changes in a business environment, particularly useful in the current climate. The tools help a company understand the “big picture” forces of change it is exposed to, and, from this, take advantage of the opportunities that they present.

In addition to the questionnaire, SWOT and PESTEL, Glow has also provided insight into making decisions from one of Lisa’s favourite business authors, The Excellence Book, by Kevin Duncan.

Aquila is a nuclear engineering company created by, and comprised of, industry experts.

The Aquila team has been involved in the nuclear industry for the past 40 years with experience from every licenced nuclear site in the UK.

Its vision is to be the company of choice, delivering mission critical nuclear engineering solutions in Europe, the Commonwealth and Pacific Rim. The team combine proven management expertise with technical and process innovation to solve nuclear engineering challenges.

strategy power for Aquila Nuclear Engineering

strategy power for Aquila Nuclear Engineering



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