The Eagle Has Landed


We’ve finished the design and build of Aquila Nuclear Engineering’s new website (Digital | The Glow Studio) and it went live earlier this week at

The website features some rather funky imagery, something quite different for a nuclear engineering company! The first thing you’ll probably notice is the big eagle on the website homepage. We’re so pleased the client agreed to go with this design. There’s nothing better than the use of bold imagery to make an impact.

You may be asking, why an Eagle?

The eagle has always featured in our designs for Aquila because Aquila is Latin for eagle. While it may not always be quite so obvious in every design, it’s always there. Any guesses where?

We’ll tell you…

If you take a look at Aquila’s logo, the winged ‘A’ resembles the head and beak of an eagle. Clever hey!?

We’ve worked with Aquila since they were formed in 2011. The Glow Studio created their distinctive brand identity. They’re a very proactive client with their marketing strategy and activities and there’s always something new for us to design.

Just in the past few months, we’ve designed a novelty ale brand ‘Nuclear Ale’, bags, 2018 calendars, and plenty of adverts for nuclear industry publications.

If you take a look at the downloads section of the site, you’ll see just some of the materials we’ve produced for them.

We’re looking forward to our next Aquila project!

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