Knights Brown Visually Engaging Graphical Poster


In the studio this week, team Glow has been adapting to a new style of working, we may not be residing in our usual Wickham abode, but we still have an exciting range of projects that we’re working on. This week we’ve created a visually engaging A3 poster for Knights Brown. The document was required as a means of highlighting the established procedures employees need to follow for a number of different safety critical activities.

In order to make the poster stand out and gauge interest amongst employees we incorporated playful vectors and broke the content down into digestible chunks. Knights Brown’s strong brand identity comes through in the design, with the use of bold brand colours, fonts and consistent elements.

We love receiving briefs where we can let our creativity flow and show how otherwise subdued content can be made so much more. In this instance adding graphical elements not only makes the design more appealing to the eye, it also aids the message by illustrating each point. Incorporating the Knights Brown logo subtly into the design on the vector graphics helps to reinforce the brand and also adds a personal touch to the poster.

Knights Brown

Knights Brown is a privately owned, full service, regional construction business with specialist energy sector capability delivered nationwide. Its vision is to be a company people aspire to work for, that always endeavours to deliver the best experience for its customers.

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