New marketing deliverables for global technology partner!


Glow’s latest client, Assured Cyber Solutions, has been working on a number of exciting new marketing propositions with our creative team.

Glow was approached by Assured’s marketing lead, Emma Lever, to design a suite of marketing collaterals, required for a number of events; including a technical hospitality report, postcard invite, digital banners and a service information document.

Assured Cyber Solutions has a strong brand identity, and this really helped our design team create powerful creative solutions, embedding trust, professionalism and impact.

One of the stand-out pieces, we designed, is the Cybercrime report, which is tailored specifically for the hospitality sector. Sophisticated attacks on the hospitality industry are becoming more frequent and more advanced and security breaches have become a common occurrence. The report highlights the issues and provides seven steps to protect against cyberattacks.

Feedback from the deliverables has been lovely. Emma commented on call with Lisa (Glow’s MD) recently “The report looks fabulous; we are really pleased. It is really smart. It looks great”.

It is wonderful to be working with Emma again. Lisa and Emma first met, many years ago at a marketing conference in London and have kept in contact since, working on a number of different company brands.

Assured Cyber Protection is a global technology partner empowering organisations to protect their most valuable assets, people, and data from cyber-attacks.

Its team of world-class cyber security and behavioural experts have brought cyber security to the market in a way that no other organisation has, intelligently connecting people, technology, and data to keep businesses secure, resilient and sustainable in an ever-evolving threat landscape.

Assured Cyber Protection has headquarters in London with strong commercial presences in Geneva, Buenos Aires, and Doha. The company works with businesses and governments across the globe, tailoring cyber solutions to local and cultural issues.

Assured Cyber Protection Report
Assured Cyber Protection Hospitality Report
Assured Cyber Protection Service Sheet
Assured Cyber Protection Service Sheet
Assured Cyber Protection Promotional Postcard
Assured Cyber Protection Promotional Postcard

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