Professional and Creative Tender Design for Knights Brown


We absolutely love designing tenders. It’s the satisfaction of being part of an astute commercial team, working at pace to make a company and its offerings look the very best. And this week we have been assisting our long-term client, Knights Brown, spruce up its employee CVs for their tender design.

For us, tender design is ensuring we take the complex, the important and factual to create stunning documents, that not only stand out and portray the brand at its best but also, and importantly, are simple to read. Tenders can be large and detailed, using creative design effectively ensures the information is easy to digest and the reader isn’t put off. For Knights Brown we use vector illustrations, charts, and icons; all on brand and in accordance with the Knights Brown guidelines (we designed these too 😉). The result: a strong, professional and powerful tender.

Why invest in great tender design?:
We are huge advocates of highlighting the benefits of great design; done well, it increases turnover and company positioning. At Glow we see the tangible benefits via our clients every day. The ones who invest in great design, thrive too. Here’s a few reasons why:

  1. Great design sells. Many studies over the years have shown that design-led companies enjoy greater sales and increased profits than those which don’t place an emphasis on design.
  2. First impressions count. And this is 94% design-related. Be it customers, potential employees, investors or the community, the right first impression can make or break a deal, in the blink of an eye.
  3. Brand cohesion. You might have a fabulous website, and a cool logo but if your tender or any marketing document does not match the same high standards, it will be hugely detrimental to your brand and sales process.
  4. A memorable brand. We all know the brands we remember. We can’t name the ones we don’t… This is predominantly because the brand is poor in design and is perhaps old fashioned and inconsistent. If every marketing and commercial document you produce is 100% spot on, it’ll not only be memorable but that much more likely to increase sales.

The Knights Brown tender Glow assisted on, was for Poole Bay Coastal Defence Scheme. The scope of work included:

  • Construction of 8 (eight) timber groynes with all timber to be supplied by BCP Council.
  • Careful dismantling and deconstruction (not demolition) of 8 existing timber groynes in the vicinity of the proposed new groynes. All timber to be safely recovered and stacked at the Solent Beach car park
  • Dismantling and recovery of circa 185m aluminium handrailing on the promenade
  • Complying with duties as Principal Contractor under CDM (2015)

About Knights Brown
Knights Brown is an independent, regional construction company professionally delivering civil engineering and building projects.

It puts its people first, delivering construction projects that make Knights Brown and its customers proud. The Knights Brown construction teams work across southern England and Wales with support services provided by our divisional offices. Roaming experts deliver specialist services to the energy sector anywhere in the UK and in the Republic of Ireland.

View the Knights Brown video – created by Glow – to find out more.

Tender Design for Knights Brown

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