The 5 Top Trends For 2022 To Make Your Marketing Matter


Here at Glow, we believe in being daring and challenging ourselves to stay at the cutting edge of design and marketing innovations. The world has changed a lot over the last year, and we all need to adapt. Here are what we predict will be the trends of 2022.

Experience Is King

The user experience of your brand and services is the new currency. Consider how you create a memorable experience with your brand, from initial contact to the information you share, events you host and communities you create. Social Media Marketing can no longer be just metrics; it must mean something. Content can’t be cute anymore; it must make an impact. Consider how you personalise your brand and create meaning with your ideal clients. We provide podcasting, videography and social media copy and content that persuades and influences your customers and gives an experience.

Marketing Strategy Matters

Resourcing yourself with the information to cater to the post-pandemic audience is vital. The world has changed, and the way we communicate has too. We offer brand auditing, which examines all your digital channels and the traditional methods you utilise; we speak to your ideal client and find out what you need to be communicating, where and when to capture the BEST outcomes. This not only reduces your marketing spend overall – by taking out the guesswork – but also saves you time by focusing your efforts in the right places. Do fewer things, better.

LinkedIn Is Levelling Up

Have you noticed a shift in LinkedIn use? We have. Users are expected to grow by 6.2% this year to 62.1 million and reach 68.8 million by 2022. LinkedIn is an essential tool for business and professional service companies to capture new clients and create brand brilliance. Unfortunately, many people still do not fully grasp how to use this tool to its full effect and don’t encourage staff ambassadorship either. We can help with this. We can train your senior leaders to personal their brands and propel their companies; we can teach communication styles and create content to make you pop.

Meta Is Everywhere

Like it or not, the digital space is seriously levelling up. The shift toward Meta for Facebook is only the beginning of customer interaction with brands and experience. If you have seen Ready Player One, you might have an idea of what is to come. If you haven’t seen this movie, prepare for a future where your customers embody avatar versions of themselves and interact with your brand virtually. Mind-blowing!
While we don’t expect you to embrace this change and create virtual environments for your customers, it is worth considering how your business could embrace the virtual world and become more interactive. Things to consider would be your web interactivity, accessibility of your digital design and strategy that adopts new technologies to boost your bottom line.

Get Your Running Shoes On

The world is getting faster, and slow websites are unforgivable now. An industry-standard loading time for the content on a website is 2 seconds or less. So, if you have a slow web presence, you might want to consider giving your webpage a reboot. The same applies to the clarity of your message and brand look and feel. If people cannot relate to your vision, mission and values quickly, if they can’t build trust with you immediately, they will simply go elsewhere. Why not consider a brand audit to determine how your brand is performing and make the changes needed to seize the right people right away?

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