The One That Got Away: STR Office Styling


Back in 2017, STR Group – the parent company for a collection of six micro-specialist recruitment brands, approached Glow with a brief to design and install contemporary interior office styling in their two offices based in Portsmouth.

They specified the need for artwork which was vibrant and aspirational. They wanted to create an uplifting environment for their staff to work in, which wasn’t cheesy or cliché in design.

The two concepts created for STR encompassed these requirements, whilst offering two completely different takes on the office styling brief.

The first concept featured simple, motivational phrases and powerful black and white photography to provoke emotion and cleverly correspond with the text. The use of a  striking colour palette and abstract shapes helped to create a really dynamic design.

STR Office Styling Hammer

STR Office Styling Wall Cow

To balance the large-scale imagery, some designs simply featured inspirational wording,  dynamic, colourful shapes and small comical design elements. The idea being that when walking around the STR office, you’d discover small embellishments to make you smile, acting as the staff’s very own ‘Where’s Wally’ style game.

STR Office Styling Mountain

The second concept also used a bright colour palette of blues and yellows, this time accompanied by a range of greys to assist in bringing a professional atmosphere to the office environment.

This concept explored the idea of using technical illustrations and symbolic imagery relating to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), relevant as STR’s sub brands recruit in these fields.

Subtle lines have been used alongside the illustrations/patterns to represent the extensive network of connections that STR’s subsidiaries build. They also act as directional lines which take you on a journey through the office.

In addition to this, dynamic patterns were used on separate walls to bring contrast to the styling and to add visual interest around the office. These designs also feature short, inspiring wording, related to the imagery.

STR Office Styling Wall Lightbulb

STR Office Styling Cogs

STR Office Styling Blue Pattern

So, which did STR go for? You may already know if you’ve been keeping up with Glow. If not check out our blog which will explain the chosen concept further.

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