Thriving (and Surviving) Your Holiday – 5 Tips to Happiness!


Let’s face it, we could all do with a holiday. A big, long one, in the sun with Espresso Martinis on tap, to take fabulous adventures and make memories. Oh, and to forget work for a while. We deserve it, right?

The thing is holidays are a bit like Christmas. The build-up is exciting and gives you hope that all will be well very soon. And then the actual day arrives and, well, without some great planning and chilled vibe, it can go a bit Pete Tong. You go from a zillion miles an hour to push bike power, and it can take your mind a little bit of time to readjust, re-frame and get in the zone.

I have just returned from two weeks in Cornwall, and this happened to me. First-off my brain needed a talking to. I knew I was going to beautiful Cornwall, come rain or shine, but in my pre-holiday build-up I was going to the Algarve, to read a book in the shade (who needs to go in the sun when it is there permanently), to swim in the pool and enjoy a sunset cocktail, over-looking the Mediterranean.  Yes, I know, deluded.

Cornwall for the first week was dreary, often very wet and at times cold. Many restaurants were closed (staff pinged), and getting bookings was near on impossible. It grappled with my mo-jo and I am not ashamed to say that – despite knowing I am extremely lucky to even get a holiday and that there has been and is still so much worry, despair and awfulness for many – I was a bit fed up. On reflection, it was probably inevitable after the last 18 months but of course I blamed the British weather, which ironically, as I write now is boiling again!

So, what did I do, and what would I recommend to others to help make their holidays thrive:

1. Booked in my Personal Trainer.

Since March 2020 I have had on-line training sessions with the brilliant Tim Quickenden, Extrafit Health & Performance. I have been seeing Tim (every two weeks 😉) for over 10 years and it has helped my physical and mental agility so much. Pre-pandemic I used holidays as an excuse to not train (or at least not so hard). But the funny thing is I always enjoy it – afterwards – and being able to do remotely now, made it simple.

2. Went to my online Pilates class.

Equally since March 2020 I have been going to weekly Pilates weekly. The fabulously talented Carole Batten-Rutter from Fitness Pilates Hampshire has created inspiring and entertaining classes, every week through a screen. And again, I really enjoy it.

3. Checked in with work – when I wanted to.

Going from super-sonic speed to not much at all isn’t good for the brain. In fact, having the time and space to push along some actions while being OOO is so rewarding.

4. Enjoyed the food!

When in Rome … you eat cream teas, Cornish pasties, and the best Portuguese tarts outside of Portugal, from the Cornish Bakery

5.Embraced the weather.

Once I’d acclimatised to the rain, my love affair with the British weather was re-energised. On the wettest, absolutely torrent of a day I donned the right gear and went for a long walk. It was amazing and really lifted my soul.



So, the morale of the holiday tale. Holidays are just like life and work. They often don’t go as planned, so getting over excited is never that advised 😉. But if you flex with the circumstances, adapt with speed you will always achieve some brilliant wins!


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