Tips to Improve your Internal Communications


Internal communications to employees are arguably, due to their brand message, more important than marketing to external sources. Good internal communications can improve positivity in the workplace, keep everyone informed and encourage motivation and enthusiasm. Not only that, it can help create a strong team who, in turn, want to share positive success stories and build the brand personality.

It’s safe to say, internal communications should be considered in your strategy.

Here are a couple of tips to improve your internal communications:


Avoid clichés

You want to deliver a strong and powerful message so consider your message and don’t just opt for an obvious slogan or quote – this can often be seen as cringey! If you get the right message, this can reflect in a powerful design that is unique to your business and values.

Think about the delivery

Have you ever considered how you deliver your message? Sometimes thinking outside of the box may resonate with your audience better. A PowerPoint filled with information could be summarised better by a video or animation. Or a page of statistics would be more visually appealing as an infographic. We just so happen to have two blogs that may help:

Create a strong brand presence

Internal communications are an excellent way to improve your brand values and ethos. It’s a chance to reinforce your brand and create a sense of pride and positivity. A strong design with a powerful message and consistent brand styling will help to unify the company.

Inclusive of all

Within a busy company, things can change frequently. It’s good for moral and motivation to keep people updated with all the latest news and achievements. It helps to create a strong team dynamic.

Fresh design

It’s great to keep on brand and consistent but remember to frequently refresh and update your internal communications approach and design. It’s easy to become comfortable and stale – you want to ensure your audience remains engaged!

Consider your tone

Your company is likely to be made up of a wide range of people. Consider how you want your message to come across and the personality you want to convey. You need to strike a tone that will resonate with the whole team – easier said than done, we know!

First impressions are important

Create an inspiring a visually engaging environment – you want employees to feel inspired, motivated and confident in your brand. The working space and the materials you deliver to your staff will set the tone of the workplace and the personality of the company from the outset.

There are lots of things you can do to improve your internal communications, and we have lots of ideas to help! Get in contact if you’d like to discuss.

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