We’re Talking Website Support


We know we’re regularly wowing you with our amazing designs and creative ideas ;-), but did you know that Glow also offers Technical & Security Website Packages for WordPress websites?

Helping to protect your website and brand, our choice of three packages provide critical monthly support in securing WordPress websites from possible bugs, glitches and viruses; providing reassurance that your site is being regularly monitored and protected.

It even includes the hosting of your website!

Glow’s website packages

  • JACK
  • KING


You can opt to go for the full shebang with the King package that includes up to two hours of website content updates per month along with top notch security. Or, there’s the robust Queen package which provides excellent security and an hours’ content update each month. We also have the cost-effective Jack package that offers essential security and basic support. You can read more on our website and contact us in the studio for full details.

And don’t worry, we know the weird and wonderful world of web language can be a bit techy, so we’ve even included a ‘Definition of Services’ to help explain each element of the packages in more detail.

As business-related new year’s resolutions go, for 2019, pop this to the top of the list. It provides peace of mind and one less thing to worry about. That deserves a glass of fizz we say!


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