Welcome Aboard Southampton City Council


We’ve welcomed Southampton City Council (SCC) aboard as a new Glow client (you’ll appreciate the sailing pun in a second).

We were contacted by SCC to design and supply exhibition banners for the cruise showcase event that took place at the Southampton Harbour Hotel on 28 Feb 2019.

SCC are leading ‘The Leisure Excursions for Cruise & Conference Group’, set up with government funding to maximise the economic impact of the rising number of international cruise passengers who already dock at Southampton and Plymouth.

Southampton is currently an embarkation point for millions of cruise passengers every year, and the groups objective is to establish Southampton and the surrounding areas as a destination city for visitors to explore.

The banners were designed to feature imagery of attractions from across the region and took their styling from the soon-to-be-launched Visit Southampton website. Each banner had to include the logos of all 10 partners involved, this was no mean feat!

We’re really pleased with the end result and have had photos in from the client to show how great the banners and stands looked in situ, and already have another project underway.

We wanted to include another sailing pun here as we didn’t want to appear too stern, but bouy was it tricky to think of one, and then we thought, what the shell, whale just go for it!

Southampton City Council Exhibition banner design

Southampton City Council Exhibition banner design

Southampton City Council Exhibition banner design

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