Welcome To January


Welcome to January! In the studio this week we’re off to a busy start for 2019. With many exciting projects already in the studio and the anticipation of an array of new design requirements in the air, we’re looking forward to what the new year has to offer. We’ve also been enjoying the crisp winter days and making the most of the beautiful natural areas surrounding our studio (as you can see in the images below).

January Scene

One exciting Glow project that has been waiting in the wings since last year is the plan to offer a budding freelance graphic designer the ability to desk-camp at our busy studio in Wickham. Designers who may otherwise work from home or pay for studio space will have the chance to work in a creative space with other like-minded people for free!

We’ve set up this initiative as we know the importance of being in a creative environment with access to all the good stuff (a Mac, your own desk, a range of design software and of course tea). As well as being able to bounce ideas off of each other and get feedback on your work. All we ask for in return is a few hours help each month as demand requires.

If your ears have pricked up at the mention of this fantastic opportunity, keep an eye out on our social media platforms, where we will shortly be providing more details about the offer.

In addition to this project, after the success of the Intern competition held back in Summer 2018, the team have decided that we will be holding another competition this year! We are also looking to hold a print showcase event, whereby our clients will have the opportunity to come and see a selection of beautiful stock and finish examples in a great venue. We believe this will help our clients to elevate their printed in-house and marketing materials and really show off what their brand is about.

These projects just skim the surface of what’s to come. This year we’ll be working on a huge variety of digital and print jobs. Keep up with our ‘In the studio this week’ blog posts to see what we’re currently working on!

January SceneJanuary Scene

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