Why Presentation Design is Important


Presentations will always be an important part of business. Whether it’s in person, via a video call, or even sent as an email attachment. You may be presenting an idea, tendering or sharing information, it’s crucial that your presentations are on brand and well-designed.

Here’s why:

Demonstrates expertise

You know what you’re talking about and you want to make it obvious to your audience, just how much expertise you have in your market. A considered, well-designed presentation will help make you look the part. An easy-to follow narrative will assist you present your thoughts in a simple and calm manner.

Makes you memorable

A well-designed presentation will stand out over a series of basic PowerPoint slides. It will create an impression and portray you well in all aspects of your business. Everyone wants to be remembered – for the right reasons at least.

Process information

You want to be able to deliver your message quickly and as clearly as possible. A well-designed presentation will take large paragraphs of text and break it up into bite sized chunks with imagery, icons or infographics to support. It will enable you to talk openly about your presentation, while not reading directly from the screen. It will also allow your audience to skim read and take in as much of the key information as possible in an attractive way.

Create a strong brand presence

Anything you create, whether it be for internal or external use, will reflect on your company and brand. A consistent and strong brand will ensure confidence, professionalism and trustworthiness.

Shows enthusiasm

A well-designed presentation will demonstrate that you care about the message you are trying to convey. It will show your passion for the topic. Much like the phrase ‘dressing for success’ your presentations should also look the part and will make you feel more confident when delivering.

A helpful aid

Whether you love it or hate it, presentations can often be nerve-racking. Having a well-designed presentation will provide prompts to encourage you to deliver a clear and powerful performance yourself.

Grab attention

Whether it’s a PowerPoint, Prezi or Canva (to name a few) presentation, the use of transitions and animations can allow you to navigate your audience through your document, drawing attention to key information or slides.

A presentation should not only sound great, but also look the part. If you can ‘talk the talk’, your presentations (as well as everything else) should follow suit to reinforce your company and brand as a strong and reliable business and deliver and elevate your message to the best it can be.

At Glow we assist many of our clients design powerful and impactful presentations. We’re here to ensure they stand out from the rest and would love to help you too.

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