Why you shouldn’t pause your marketing when you are “too busy.”


“We are too busy; let’s stop marketing”.

Sound familiar?

In our years of experience, marketing is number one on the chop list when companies get too busy, as employers try to close the flood gates and manage workflow.


However, marketing and communications are considerably more than tools to win new business. Even if you try to shut the door on communications during busy times, it ultimately fails because the echo chamber of your previous marketing efforts continues to ripple and influence buying decisions.

The real reason it is essential to keep a level of communication open, even during busy times, is that, even though you might have enough work, your brand communication and consistency perform in ways you might not have considered.

Effective marketing communications are a tool for recruitment and the acquisition of new talent, talent who might be able to help you make the most of burgeoning workloads and increased client numbers. If you stop communicating, you risk losing rapport and connection to the potential staff who could resolve your issue.

Similarly, communications exist for current staff, outwardly in terms of company perception and the pride that team can take in how good the company they work for looks and communicates its values and nurturing them through internal communications.

Inspirational internal communications, especially during busy periods, can support, motivate, and empower staff and give them a sense of camaraderie that can propel them through difficulties with workload pressures, cultural shifts, and turbulent societal issues. Well supported staff who are heard and communicated with are more likely to perform more effectively and stay with your organisation longer.

The most significant cause for concern when you pause your communications during busy times is inconsistency and the effect on your brand perception. The business space enjoys certainty and familiarity, and if your business communicates irregularly or takes a stop-start approach; it can appear chaotic and ill-managed, demonstrating to others that this may be how your internal processes and customer service approach operates.

Don’t pause your marketing and communications, give it to us and we can help support you. Talk to Lisa today lisa@theglowstudio.com

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