We’re Working Remotely

An announcement from team Glow: We’re working remotely from home.

It’s fair to say business isn’t going to be normal, as we know it, for a while. It’s arguably the biggest challenge the economy has experienced since war time; and certainly something none of us have encountered before.

But something is certain, in complex and uncertain times, us humans have a knack of pulling together. Of supporting each other and finding a way through.

As we all navigate the next few days, weeks and months we will find a ‘new norm’ of doing business. We’ll learn new things, we’ll develop processes, and – even through periods of concern – we’ll share some laughs as well.

As from today, the Glow team will be working remotely from home. We’ve got our Macs & PCs plugged in, our server all connected and are ready to help our clients, associates and communities in any way we can. We will continue to supply all of our services, within our control, delivered with the same level of quality. We care and we’re here for you.

As you too work out your next steps in your business, team Glow can assist with any of your design or communication needs. And more importantly we hope to help make your days a little easier and help keep your businesses thriving.

Together we can do this.

Look after yourselves.

Glow x

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