Why Writing Blogs is Good for Business


You may think writing blogs is a waste of time, but we’re here to tell you why you should invest your energy and resources into writing articles, blogs and news pieces.

1. Show knowledge and experience

You’re a master in your field, it’s why you are in the position you’re in. That means, you have so much great knowledge and experiences to share. It will let others know just how knowledgable you are on a subject, building trust and reliability for your company and establishing yourself as an industry expert.

2. Provides interesting content to share on social media

So you’ve written a blog, it’s uploaded to your site, now what? It is prime content to share on social media. Remember you can always ‘optimise your best content for social media’ for when you don’t have time to blog. Blogs act as a conversation starter, encourage engagement and provide opportunities for sharing, which in turn;

3. Builds brand awareness

Even if someone does not engage with your blog, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been seen. You’re putting your brand out there so it’s seen by more eyes. A visible brand is a strong brand. It can also help to;

4. Drive traffic to website

Everyone wants more people to visit their site. It helps to provide information, encourage interaction and urge users to get in contact, ultimately (and hopefully) resulting in new leads and clients/customers.

5. Shows that your website is regularly maintained and updated

If your website has regular blog posts, it shows that you are active in the industry, thriving and willing to share your knowledge and experiences. It is also a cue to Google and other search engines that your website is operating and dynamic, and that they should be checking in frequently to see what new and relevant content to show in search results.

6. Search engines LOVE blogs

Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more page on your website, which means another opportunity for you to show up in search engines and drive traffic to your site organically.

7. Support existing clients

If you’ve written a blog, you may find it is a suitable and useful tool for a client asking for advice. You can direct them to your post to provide them with all of the relevant information. Already having the materials in place will save you time and will build your knowledge and expertise status with the client.

Top tip

Be sure to link to other pages on your website in your blog post. This will encourage users to take action and spend longer on your site.

If you need inspiration and advice about writing blogs, we just so happen to have a ‘7 Top Tips for New Bloggers’ post.

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