Business Mentor: Lisa Lavis


Here’s the thing about being a business mentor; mentoring is a two way gift, richly rewarding both mentee and mentor.

Lisa Lavis, Glow’s CEO and Founder has been providing mentoring services for a number of years. The role involves challenging the status quo, providing guidance, sharing knowledge, insight & experience plus mistakes! 😉 Lisa says mentoring very much aligns with her own values and her vision for Glow and she loves being ‘the biggest cheerleader’ to help each mentee achieve their goals.

If you are thinking of becoming a business mentor Lisa can strongly recommend. You’ll get so much from investing in your time. The trick is working with a mentee who shares your values, is willing to put in the hours to ‘work on themselves’ (not an easy task) and to be accountable.

“Seeing my mentees thrive has been the biggest reward. I am just providing a bit of steer, opening up my own vulnerabilities and providing tips, insight, contacts and all the great experiences I have learnt along the way. And without question, I absolutely learn something too; we laugh, cry and build a better ‘us’ together”.

Lisa’s current fabulous mentees are Cristina Muñoz, Senior Manager, Brand Partnerships at Cunard and Olivia Tant, Marketing & Communications Officer at Cyclife Aquila. Previously Lisa was a mentor for Michelle Peel, as part of Santander’s pioneering Women Business Leaders’ mentoring programme. in 2020, which was – of course – all virtual. Michelle, we must meet one day!

Photo: Lisa and Cristina at their recent mentoring session at New Place Hotel, Southampton.

Business Mentor Lisa Lavis Mentoring

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