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You may think as designers we’re not fans of Canva… and while we have our gripes, you’d be wrong! We just think it needs to be used in the right way.

We like to provide our clients with maximum flexibility, and if that means making their lives easier by creating templates that they can update themselves – then of course we will do it!

And using a designer to begin with is so important. Here’s why:

  • We create a custom design, consistent with your brand and in line with your guidelines (if you have them)
  • You won’t get caught using a ‘popular template’ that your audience has seen before when another company has already used it
  • We’re always on hand to help if you can’t make something work
  • We can take previous designs and turn them into Canva templates

While Canva is not as flexible as our InDesign design software, we appreciate a can-do attitude – but just be sure to ask for help rather than damage your brand!

Check out these custom templates we created for our client Cyclife Aquila Nuclear. All are easily updateable by the client but with added Glow flair.

Custom Canva design templates
Custom Canva design templates

If you want to explore how to improve your templates drop us a line. Send us a DM or email

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