Contemporary and Slick DOC Cleaning Case Study Template


Stephen MacDonald Associates, our client since 2012 and specialist in sales, marketing and business planning for the commercial cleaning industry, recently approached us with the request to produce a professional and glossy case study template for one of its clients, DOC Cleaning.

Referring to the DOC Cleaning website, we gained a broad understanding of the brand identity and styling used across the company’s marketing deliverables. We worked our Glow magic and created a versatile and reusable 2-page templated document to showcase DOC Cleaning’s latest service/product innovation. We will be updating this template every two months, populating with new content and images.

We opted for a fresh, white design for a modern aesthetic and paired this with a textured, brand colour block for contrast and to pull out particular points of interest within the content. We also interspersed high-quality images within the design, to break up the text and to show off the products, team and premises. Icons have been utilised to help with readability and to add visual interest.

For the initial template design, we used Lorem ipsum Latin text (placeholder content). This helps to demonstrate how the design will work when case study content is provided. The text has been broken down into easy to read ‘chunks’ of information in distinguished sections, ensuring great user experience for the reader.

Template designs are a great way to create a consistent and strong brand presence, whilst being quick and easy to populate and update. A winner all round!

Case Study Mockup Reverse
About Stephen MacDonald Associates

Owned and run by a former director of one of the UK’s most successful facilities management companies, Stephen MacDonald Associates acknowledges the challenges faced by small to medium sized companies in growing their business in a competitive marketplace. They first help companies obtain the necessary certifications to make their PQQs/RFIs more successful. Then guide the business through successful marketing techniques and finally offer support in the preparation of complex tenders.

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