In the Studio This Week: Our Away Day in Southampton

In the studio this week the team has been busy at work at our bi-annual Away Day at the Harbour Hotel in Southampton. In preparation for the big day, each Glowee prepared a presentation, outlining a selection of innovative suggestions of how we can make Glow shine even brighter, through marketing ideas and strategic future plans. These team-orientated days are a great way to break out of our usual routines and get the creative juices flowing in a different environment. We were lucky enough to have chosen a beautiful day to be out of the office, and as you’ll see in the photos below, we had such a great view from our meeting room (lucky us)!

Upon our arrival at the hotel, we started off with the most important necessity, which is of course tea! This was then followed by some fun and uplifting games to get the morning off to a great start. We then talked through our best moments at Glow. Many of these involved completing some of the big projects we’ve been working hard on earlier in the year. As well as hosting an intern competition in the summer, which was great fun in the studio.

Following this, we each ran through our presentations. It was interesting to see how we’d all interpreted the brief differently and come up with a whole range of ideas, some similar and others completely unique. This resulted in many actions to implement in the near future and further down the line.

These ideas may not have been explored if we hadn’t had the opportunity to discuss them at our away day, so we’d definitely consider it a success!

After lunch, we ventured out to visit a couple of potential venues around Southampton for an exciting event we are in the midst of planning for early next year. So, keep your eyes peeled for more news about this.

If you think your team would benefit from an Away Day, which could cover a wide range of topics, get in touch as we’d be happy to assist you in planning this.

Glow's Away Day in Southampton

Glow's Away Day in Southampton

Glow's Away Day in Southampton

Glow's Away Day in Southampton

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