A rebrand video for HFC


In 2023 Hampshire Flags rebranded to HFC (see its new website). The company has over thirty-five staff and sells all over the UK. As a family run business, trading for 44 years, HFC was keen to narrate both the rebrand and the core values and ethos of the company.

HFC approached Glow to bring this story to light.

The desired outcome:

HFC wanted to reassure customers and stakeholders that the rebrand meant still the same great team and quality, just a new look, with increased capabilities.

The video also needed to explain why the rebrand was desired, which was partly to promote the important ‘we’re more than just flags’ message. Interestingly only 40% of what HFC do is actually flags; so, it was important to show full portfolio and by removing ‘flags’ out the name was one of the components to achieve this.

The objectives of the video

The video objectives were to convey trust and to take the viewer on a journey, to meet the team and see behind the scenes. We wanted to chat with tailors, the production & commercial teams and to show the personality of the business. In addition, it was important to capture the human side of HFC; to communicate the ‘why work with us’ question. To show the happy, upbeat, friendly, and professional team.

Measurement of Success

We asked Rod Sessions, HFC’s Sales and Marketing Manager to feedback on the success so far.

It is still early days, and a social / promo push is planned for 2024, but initial feedback is truly great.

“From a staff point of view everyone is thrilled with it, and the video has really captured who we are rather than just what we do. We wanted to connect with our team, stakeholders and customers emotionally and this has certainly done that”.

“What does however stand out is when I met with a client recently, someone who I have been trying to meet with for a while but they we always too busy. The first thing they said to me was ‘ Hampshire Flag, you do so much more than flags, don’t you? I have seen your video. I knew of you before, but watching your video really made an impression on me and why it would be good to meet and talk about projects”.

Boom! This is tremendous feedback. More of this and its definitely job done. Well done HFC!

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