Hot Tubs and Swimming Pool Success

Hot Tubs and Swimming Pool Success

It’s great to celebrate success and for our client, Paramount Pools, its business has been thriving. And at team Glow we have nothing but praise and congratulations. With overseas holidays being a bit sparse in 2020 and a realisation that the UK in fact has pretty good, long summers (some of the time!) the desire for ones’ own swimming pool and hot tub has soared! Creatively, this has led to us to produce lovely new literature and publications adverts for Paramount. All to accompany the newly refreshed, this year, (stunning) price list, also designed by Glow.

The latest product brochure – and logo creation too – we have designed is to promote Ultraflow®. Ultraflow® generates smooth river like currents with variable speed. Using laminar Propulsion technology, it delivers swim speeds of up to 1.50m per second, generating a unique flow substantially different from conventional 3-6Hp swim jets. Great for getting fit, another love in lockdown!

As a product brochure, we needed to keep it simple and easy to read, while supporting the brand’s visual identity. Ensuring that it maintained a feeling of class, luxury and usability, while being rich in technical information. This was achievable with a combination of professionally taken product shots alongside high-end aspirational images and concise technical data. Ensuring customers could see the products in the right environment and make the right choice for their specific requirement.

Since we started working with Paramount Pools way back in 2016, we have seen its brand grow, becoming more cohesive and easily recognisable within the pool industry and within its customer base. This was always our aim, making the brand more succinct, cohesive and professional, ensuring that the target audiences would remember and recognise the Paramount brand. In turn this ensures the brand presence, both on and offline stands out within this high-end luxury marketplace.

Over the years we have created magazine adverts, marketing brochures and exhibition graphics. We always love getting a new brief from Paramount, perhaps it’s seeing the lovely pools and imagining being on a lounger, cocktail in hand 😉.


Established in 1979, Paramount Pool Products is a trade supplier to the swimming pool industry supplying high-quality swimming pool equipment to professional pool installers and retail outlets throughout the UK, including the Channel Islands, as well as Ireland.

Majoring in two of the world’s bestselling branded products, Aquamatic Safety Covers and Waterco Swimming Pool Heat Pumps, Paramount offer an unparalleled quality product and service within the swimming pool industry.

Ultraflow brochure
Ultraflow brochure cover
Ultraflow spread
Ultraflow spread
Paramount Pools Advert
Paramount Pools Advert


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