Create an effective internal comms campaign


What you’re sharing internally should matter just as much as what you put out to the world. An effective internal communication will support your staff; without employees your company wouldn’t exist or grow.

A successful internal communications campaign will efficiently deliver a message and evoke change. Here are 4 tips to make sure your campaigns excel.

Make it stand out

Like your external campaigns, internal communications need to grab the attention of the intended user. They should be on-brand to create a sense of unity, but they can also be tailored and more personal to your staff. If it’s well designed and attractive, the user is more likely to interact.

Make it personal

You want to let your employees know you genuinely care about them. Make sure the language used is approachable and easy to understand. You’re speaking with your staff; you don’t need to impress with fancy lingo. You could use imagery of your staff to make it more memorable.

Consider your medium

You need to think about the best platform to use for your campaign. Print, digital, large format, video or a presentation? There are many ways to deliver your message, but consider what would get the most interaction – it may need to be a few different approaches. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Will the user need to fill in a form or interact? Perhaps digital is the way to go
  • Do you want to make an impact? Large format is eye catching
  • Need to leave a lasting impression? Print stays around longer
  • Have a lot of information to deliver? A video or presentation is an attractive and engaging way to share multiple messages
Make it functional

The campaign needs to be efficient and easily digestible. You want to create a journey for the user to lead them through the information you’re delivering. Remember, less is more. Use short snippets of text with icons, headings and imagery to break up copy. Make it obvious what you want the outcome /action of the campaign to be.

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