A new LED brochure for Paramount Pools


Following on from the Price List we created for Paramount Pools in February, Glow was tasked to design a more in-depth LED light fitting fixture brochure.

Using similar styling elements to the price list, we also included colour overlays and large imagery of stunning, well-lit pools. This brochure is an excellent example of taking technical information to improve legibility and look aesthetically pleasing.

We created both a print and digital version of this brochure, one featuring QR codes, the other clickable buttons, linking to an explanation animation and a video about the latest features, including replicable LEDs. Both also created by Glow – we’ll be sharing these soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Paramount Pools - LED light brochure

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About Paramount Pools

Established in 1979, Paramount Pool Products is a trade supplier to the swimming pool industry supplying high-quality swimming pool equipment throughout the UK including the Channel Islands as well as Ireland.

Majoring in two of the world’s bestselling branded products, Aquamatic Safety Covers and Waterco Heat Pumps, Paramount offer an unparalleled quality product and service within the swimming pool industry.  As well as Swimming pool Covers and Heat Pumps, Paramount also cater for a wide range of other products such as Kafko Liner pool kits, Luxe one-piece pools, Stainless Steel LED Lighting, Stainless Steel Pool Fittings,  domestic and commercial pool filtration, pool lighting, solar pool heating, fabric domes, swimming pool skimmers, swimming pool accessories and floating loungers.

If you’re like us and just dreaming of summer holidays, dive in and have a look at some of the gorgeous swimming pool photos. Mix a quick cocktail, close your eyes, and you’re there!

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