It’s PHA Homes Annual Report Number 9!


This week we’ve been busy working on design number 9 of PHA Homes 2019 annual report. Every year since 2011, we’ve created two initial concept designs, one of which we then develop to produce a striking and on brand printed document.

The purpose of the annual report is to clearly communicate what the association has been working on over the year, as well as its highlights and future plans. Our remit is to transform the content originally sent over in a Word document and design something that is informative, creative and that articulates the brand personality of PHA Homes.

This year we opted for a completely new styling, using minimalistic, yet colourful vectors instead of stock imagery. We feel this approach has given the report a modern aesthetic, whilst ensuring the content is easy to digest and visually interesting.

Using vector illustrations allowed us to really utilise the brand palette and introduce complimentary tones to add depth to the visuals. We’ve paired the graphics with curvy background shapes to create a flow throughout the design and to provide an increased sense of approachability and friendliness to the already bright and inclusive brand. This also compliments the areas of white space well, providing an ideal balance to the various elements.

Creating the annual report in a square format lent itself to a more tactile finish when printed, with it being a little more unusual than a standard A4 document. After printing the 2018 report on uncoated stock and loving the finish and feel of the result, we again opted for this choice, knowing it would result in the finished document being an enjoyable piece to pick up and read.

PHA Annual Report 2019

PHA Annual Report 2019

PHA Annual Report 2019

About PHA Homes

PHA Homes – where people and homes count – is an independent, charitable housing association providing high quality homes and management services in East Hampshire.

The association is proud of the work they do; providing good quality homes and services that will help their residents and customers achieve their goals and ambitions.

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