3 Tips to compassionately generate blogs using AI


It’s been hard to miss, but AI writing tools are revolutionising blogs, generating large bits of text in mere seconds. While this can take the personality, expertise and human elements out of blogging, it also allows those that struggle to either write, or find the time to blog the ability to create content for their marketing needs.

This is a huge step forward for technology and productivity but does raise a few ethical and plagiarism considerations and can create an issue with trust. We feel, that while it can be a powerful tool, it should be monitored, reviewed, and re-written in your own tone of voice and using your own experiences, used as a prompt rather than a content generator.

Here are 3 tips to improve your AI generated blogs with compassion:

Thoroughly research keywords

Consider your ideal customer, and what they will be looking for that could ultimately lead them to your page. Also, reflect on the questions they are asking and the pain points they are looking to solve and how your product or service can solve them.

Re-write the post yourself

Using the generated text as a basis, re-write the post yourself addressing the provided ideas and add in real examples and testimonials that show off your expertise and authority on the subjects.

Optimise the post

Edit and add to the post to make it even better. To do this you can:

  1. Add an FAQ section to include more of the keywords people are looking for (but don’t keyword stuff the post!)
  2. Include some images that are optimised with proper Alt Tags and descriptions.
  3. Break up larger paragraphs into easier-to-read shorter paragraphs with subheads for skim reading.
  4. Include links to authoritative sites where relevant.
  5. Include links to your own blog posts or pages on your website that expand on ideas presented in the post.
  6. Create a solid meta description that tells search engines what the post is about.
  7. Share and promote. Start by sharing it across social media, in your newsletter.

As has always been the case, you need to continue to write more posts. One solid blog post doesn’t show off your E-E-A-T (Google’s quality rater guidelines)! E-E-A-T “stands for Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness.”


Resources: https://www.godaddy.com/garage/write-blog-post-properly-using-ai/

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