CAN Christmas Hamper Box


What a brilliant brand initiative. This simple project shows just how important brand representation and awareness is. Cyclife Aquila Nuclear wanted to source a beautiful Christmas hamper for its employees to let them know how appreciated they are. Aquila approached Glow to create a simple 2 colour (this helps to keep costs down), branded box design.

They opted for the snowflake design using the CAN orange and blue. Great for brand awareness and a nice touch for its employees.

Have you ever made your own Christmas hamper for employees or done anything similar?

Christmas Hamper
Need some Christmas gift inspiration for your clients or employees?

To help your busy minds, we’ve gathered some ideas to help you say thanks to your customers and suppliers depending on what approach you want to take. Keep this list in mind and prep early ready for next year.

About Cyclife Aquila Nuclear

The Aquila Team has an impressive track record in successfully delivering projects across a range of domestic and international nuclear market sectors.

It’s seasoned engineers have been involved in projects from the design concept stage right through to manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning. This experienced group of nuclear engineers work hand-in-hand with Aquila’s younger engineers coming into the industry.

Clients engage with Aquila at different stages in the delivery process. Aquila likes to get involved as early as possible so that it can share best industry practice from the start; saving time, money and delivering exactly to it’s clients’ requirements.

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