A guide to building a brilliant brand


There is a big difference between a ‘brand’ and ‘branding’.

Branding is the identity of your business, everything from its name, logo, colour palettes, trademarks and just the general appearance.

However, brands encompass all that branding offers and a whole lot more. It is how your brand looks, feels and communicates with people. It’s the experience, the journey, how you stand out from competitors and differentiate yourself as experts within your market. A powerful one can create a loyal audience.

But how do you create a strong brand?

Define your brand

Your brand should promote your business, connect with your audience base and differentiate you in the market. Review what you offer and your approach. We have a simple brand audit checklist to help.

Make it personal

Decide what drives your business and your values/vision. Your audience will make an emotive connection with your company based on their experience and shared values. Not only that, if you and your employees are passionate about your company, it will show in both service and delivery.

Find your tone of voice

Your company’s personality will intrigue potential customers and keep them coming back for more. Perfecting your company’s tone will ensure you’re attracting the right people for your brand. A tone of voice isn’t what you say, but rather how you choose to say it; this can determine whom you attract! Read more in our blog; Finding your tone of voice.

Build relationships

We mean with your target audience and your suppliers. All involved with your business. Make sure they know your personality. A brand they know well and can trust is a strong brand.

Focus on your own marketing

It’s easy to put your own marketing on the back burner when you’re busy providing a great service to your audience. However, it’s key to stay visible, contemporary and relevant within your market to create a strong brand. Make sure you’re active on social, your website is up to date and you’re communicating with your audience. Check out our blog here.

Don’t copy

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Not when it comes to your brand. You may like what a competitor is doing, but copying is a big no-no. Creating a brand based on your unique selling point and business personality will ensure you are unique and make you stand out from your competitors.

Create great experiences

Whether it’s the user experience on your website, your customer service, the design of a shop or office, your audience is on a journey. You want it to be a great one. Good experience creates great reviews and even better recommendations to use your strong brand.

Be an ambassador of your own brand

This isn’t just about you, it’s about every one of your employees as well, you should all understand the core of the business and what makes it tick. To add to that your contractors and suppliers should be ambassadors too – make sure to work with people with the same values.

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