Fitness Focused Eshots for Hampshire Business ‘Commit to Get Fit’


Team Glow has been flexing its design muscles by creating a series of Eshots (email marketing), for Hampshire based fitness business ‘Commit to Get Fit’. 

Commit to Get Fit is a Pilates, yoga, body pump and circuit training organisation, loved and used by many, including Glow. From beginners to fitness pros, it offers classes for all levels and abilities. 

For the past few months Glow has designed stylish and informative Eshots, providing insight, tips and a monthly fitness focus. The November edition took a closer look at how to protect your back and it provided great tips – handy for us all – including the bridge, knee rolls and cat/cow. In the latest January Eshot, the focus was hips and the importance the Psoas muscle. Did you know the Psoas muscle may be the most important muscle in your body? And without this essential muscle group you wouldn’t even be able to get out of the bed in the morning! 

It’s fair to say that getting fit (or trying to) is a much talked about discussion at Glow. And even if actually doing it isn’t always achieved, we are always big advocates of mental strength too. This is echoed by one of our core values‘Human’ – To promote wellbeing and harness emotional intelligence. To continually learn and grow stronger to deliver better service. To work with compassion for the environment and community. You can read about our two other values, Creative and Daring on our About Us page. 

We do however, as a team, practice our own joint commitment to get physically fit and hold a weekly virtual Pilates session with the lovely Carole from Commit to Get Fit. We started this in April 2020 as an additional way to connect to each other during the first lockdown and we’ve found we benefit from it so much that we have kept it going every week since.  

And it isn’t just digital marketing that we have worked on for clients in the fitness industry, at the beginning of January 2020 we also created a brand and promotional literature for Extrafit Health & Performance, another fantastic local business (used by the boss too 😉). Hmmm, we are thinking we’d better make sure the fitness ‘try’ is really put into practice for 2021.  

Fitness Pilates Eshots
Commit to Get Fit Novmeber Eshot

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