Glow launches its New Rebrand and Website


It started at the end of 2019, with a pitch from Glow’s designers, an evolution in the making; the start of Glow’s rebrand…

The Glow team are seasoned professionals in the design and delivery of company rebrands, it’s our love and our passion. And having empathy for the work involved and knowing how important it is to get it right, we approached our own rebrand just as we would for any other project.

Why a rebrand for Glow?

First off was the why? We knew that having a powerful brand image is a vital asset to help resonate with our audience. Having been in business for 20 years, we were also alert to the fact that as we’ve evolved, our brand identity has needed to be adaptive as well.

During the pitch stage (our designers presented clear, detailed presentations to the Glow directors) it was suggested that, while Glow’s values – to provide exceptional creativity, delivered with humour and compassion – was still at our core, our brand required an update, to reflect Glow as it is today; a strong, design-led agency. We wanted it to convey a powerful, edgy and reassuringly professional identity. One which instilled trust and strength, so that our client partners know they are in a safe pair of hands. Importantly too for us, we wanted to showcase what we believe in, that a company should never sit still.

After the brilliant pitches (it was agony choosing – those Glow designers know how to present a compelling story) an identity was agreed, and we set to work on a committed 6-month re-brand exercise to uplift all aspects of the business.

Glow rebrand

Visual branding materials

We thrive on creating consistent and exciting designs across all communication channels, but this was as much a love as it was a challenge. How could we fit it in, work on ‘us’ and meet our own deadlines? But we were strict, we appointed a project manager, and even with the unique work pattern over the last few months, we stuck to our goals!

So, new stationery, signage, internal templates, terms documents, legal documents, social media banners, promotional PDF’s, new copy for our tone of voice, teaser videos and of course revised, updated content and style for our fabulous new website were all designed and created, by us.

Glow rebrand Scope of ServicesGlow rebrand Glow rebrand stationery

New website, new contents

We know how time stretched we all are, so making our new website easy to navigate with great UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) was paramount. It has been created so that you can dive in and read more about all areas of our company, at your leisure, and with ease. Be it our services, why you’d choose Glow for a rebrand, what makes us Glow, how we work, our portfolio or the many tips and case studies on our blog, it’s all there on hand.

We’d be lying if we said our rebrand was easy; but a great re-brand never will be, that’s the reward. We knew there would be a bit of pain and our creative brains would be stretched. But, admiring the result, we’re so glad we had a bit of sweat … as we love it! (apologies, for the unashamed praise).

We hope you enjoy browsing through Glow online, and if we can help you too, rebrand or refresh we’d be only too happy to help.

Check out our rebrand video below.

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