How to create content for a newsletter


Newsletters are not only great for your brand presence, but also to let your clients and prospects know what you’ve been up to. However, it can often seem overwhelming to collate and create content for a newsletter. Here are some ideas of what to include in your newsletter and our top tips on how to kick-start the content creation process: 

Ideas to include:

Introduce new staff members

It’s nice to introduce new team members to your clients. You can give a summary of their previous experience which could be taken from their CV, and even ask them some informal questions to get to know them better. Take a look at our ‘Getting to know a Glowee’ blog for some question ideas. 

Say a fond farewell to leavers

You may not want to advertise those that leave the team, but it shows a good working relationship, and you can wish them well in future ventures. It’s good for morale and good for your brand presence.  

Include case Studies and testimonials

Have you recently completed a project and shared the details and outcomes with your clients? Did you receive positive feedback? Share images of the project, along with a summary of how it went and if you’re able to, a testimonial from the customer. A lot of this content may already be included in the initial project brief/spec and will just require tweaking. 

Promote events

Have you attended any events recently? Write a few lines about how the experience went. Did you exhibit or just attend? What was your favourite part? What did you learn? Are you going to be attending any future events? Invite your clients and prospects to come and meet you there. 

Share top tips

Share your knowledge and expertise. You are bound to have some top tips relating to your role, your skillset, and your industry. This is valuable content for your audience. 

Celebrate good news

People love to hear a good news story. Whether it’s a contract win, a new award or accreditation or even some positive personal news, it makes for a light-hearted read and helps build your brand personality. 

How to kick-start the content creation process  

Set time aside

Block out half an hour in your working week/month to collate any of the above items you may already have. If you don’t have the content, write a list of the elements you want to include and delegate to relevant staff members. 

Social media/blog Updates

If you’re hot on your social media or updating your website, you may already have plenty of content and can collate all your recent posts. At Glow, we try to update our blog at least once a week – this is then ready-made content when it comes to collating content for us to share in our newsletter 

Involve the team

Make a team occasion out of it! You could have a morning (or afternoon if that’s when you’re more creative) and spend the time writing. You’ll feel accomplished and can pull on creativity from others.  

Ask for external help

Going out to an agency or a copywriter will free up your precious time. We often help our clients collate and create content and can offer proofing or copywriting services to speed the process along. 

Create a plan

Outline upcoming events, projects, products that you want to promote. Even if you don’t have time to create content right away, it will allow you to come back to the document when you do – and provide you with inspiration when it comes to writing the content.  

Check out what your competitors are sharing

What better motivation than to check out the competition. Make note of what they are posting on their social media, website or blog. Have they posted any press releases recently – it will not only provide you with inspiration on what to write about but encourage you to promote your own wins. 

At the end of the day, creating a newsletter, no matter how small, will help to promote your brand. But, remember, a newsletter should be 90% educational/informative and only 10% promotional. You don’t want to appear too salesy, save that for your marketing campaigns and you’ll have readers looking forward to receiving the next issue. 

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