8 Ways to Improve Your Website Content


In most cases, your website will either act as an introduction to your company, be an initial point of contact or contain prime content to share on social media. It is vital that your website is not only up to date, but the content it contains is relevant, knowledgeable and easy to digest.

Here are 8 ways to help improve the content on your site.

Keep your website content short and to the pointKeep it short and to the point

Users tend to want to read bite-sized snippets of information. No one wants to read an essay, only to find out the service or product they are looking for is not covered. Once the user is hooked, then you can provide more information if required.


Cut out the jargonCut out the jargon

You know all the acronyms and technical lingo – and it sounds like you know what you’re talking about, but it may confuse and alienate the user. Make sure your communication style is approachable, yet knowledgeable without sounding arrogant.


Break it upBreak it up

Use headings, icons and images to illustrate text. It will help the user to skim the page and easily find the information they are after, whilst also making the content more visually appealing.


Provide linksProvide links

Use helpful links to direct a user around your site or provide more information from external sources. Creating an informative journey for the user will enable you to share more of your content and expertise and retain the attention of the user for longer.


Ensure your site is up to dateEnsure your site is up to date

All content on your site should be current. Consider the services you offer, have these changed over time? If you have a team page, has there been growth or a change in personnel? This should all be updated regularly. Users visiting your site expect to see changes and updates to show you’re active, evolving and moving with the times.


Proof, proof and proof your website contentProof, proof and proof again

Mistakes are easy to make and can slip through the net. It’s a good idea to get someone with fresh eyes to view your site content. They may pick up on simple typos that you have overlooked.


Write blogs and share newsWrite blogs and share news

We’ve said it a million times, writing blogs is great for your site and for your business. Not only does posting regularly help to direct people to your website, but it builds a better brand. Read our blog about why writing blogs is good for business.


Check out your competitorsCheck out your competitors

Keep an eye on your competitors’ sites. Note what they are doing well, as well as what doesn’t work. When you’re reviewing your site, take this into consideration. For example, do they have a chat feature or a helpful FAQ page, is this something that would work for you too?



Your site should be frequently monitored, maintained and updated. It is something that should evolve as your company changes and reviewing the content you’re putting out there is hugely important. If you don’t have time to manage yourself, use an external company to help improve your website and push your business forward.

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