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Well, we all like something spicy occasionally. Did you notice TABASCO’s new brand? Me neither, but when you look at it, it is something quite special.

Tabasco brand update

The story of TABASCO sauce is not just a tale of global acclaim and historical significance. It’s a story of a fiery condiment that has consistently delivered a distinctive flavour, setting it apart and delighting the palates of discerning international customers since its inception by the McIlhenny Company in 1868.

The journey of the sauce is not limited to restaurant tables. It extends to the unique confines of space shuttles, where astronauts enhance their meals with its robust taste. This global phenomenon has even captured the hearts of notable figures, including those aboard Air Force One and even Queen Elizabethprestige and appeal herself, adding to the brand’s.

Kate Wadia, Founder & CCO at Mrs&Mr, highlights the brand’s versatility: “Giving things kick and heating things up is a category table stake — TABASCO® Brand does so much more. Its unique strength is that it makes everything it touches more original.” The TABASCO Brand enjoys a following among some of the world’s most distinctive personalities, from chefs to celebrities to astronauts to royalty.


Despite its widespread popularity, TABASCO lacked a cohesive branding strategy effectively communicating its rich heritage and legendary status. The New York-based creative agency Mrs&Mr undertook a comprehensive rebranding effort to address this. The result is a new visual identity that modernises the brand while preserving its classic elements, showcasing its commitment to staying relevant and appealing to its diverse audience.

The refreshed identity, featuring the brand’s iconic bottle shape and label blended with new graphic elements, aligns with TABASCO’s new tagline, “Light Things Up.” Wadia elaborates, “The TABASCO brand has been a beacon for people and tastemakers for more than 150 years, and we celebrated this essence with a dynamic, contemporary visual system that keeps the iconic bottle and diamond logo central to every communication.”

Avoiding clichéd images of flames and explosions, the new branding employs vibrant, dynamic imagery, bold graphics, and enticing food photography. This approach underscores the brand’s transformative power, highlighting each unique aroma TABASCO offers.

Key rebranding elements include a subtly refreshed diamond logo and a redesigned wider bottle that helps emphasise the logo for clearer branding. Additionally, the agency introduced a new tone of voice, a revised colour palette, updated typography, and a deliciously appealing approach to food photography.

Through eye-catchingly attractive and innovative visual language, the new identity effectively celebrates TABASCO’s enduring legacy while positioning it for continued growth and broader appeal. Who knew there were so many varieties to choose from?

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