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Meet the expert

Annelies James

Client Brand Manager

Annelies has over a decade of hands-on marketing experience, including videography, brand strategy, influence and persuasion. With a degree in Media and Communications, a Master’s in Film Studies and PGCE, she provides insights to brands about how they can perform better with a focus on sales, engagement, and authority. She is a keen trainer and has helped many clients to level-up their social media and staff ambassadorship, specifically on LinkedIn.

Sounds great! I’m in…

Powerful creative video and podcasts create a strong emotional connection with your customers. It makes people feel an affinity with your business and provides excellent content for social media and websites.

About the session:

In this session, Annelies will teach you the basics of creating your own video and audio content and discuss the power of video content across social media. Whether you want to create your own content, or require some support, you’ll leave with lots of new ideas for potential content and ready to start rolling.

You’ll learn (depending on chosen software):

  • How to create impactful video and podcast content
  • How to prepare for recording your own video/podcast
  • How to storyboard
  • How to edit effectively
Suitable for:

Group sessions

1-2-1 basis

Any job role

Any skill ability


60 minutes

From £165 per session (excluding VAT)

Full payment required before each session


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