Celebrating 5 years of the Knights Brown brand


Another year gone already? 1 September marks a significant day for one of Glow’s clients, Knights Brown. The team celebrates Knights Brown Day on 1 September. This marks the day Knights Brown launched its new Glow-designed brand, 5 years ago. Most importantly, it’s a time for the whole team to take time out to be together and celebrate their team spirit.

Glow was tasked with coming up with a new name and brand identity for the construction company back in 2017, following the demerger of the Raymond Brown Group.

This is a brand that we’re super proud of as it really reflects the heritage and values of the Knights Brown team. Woh, consequently, we love working with and can’t praise enough. And the feeling is mutual:

“There’s never any drama and results are always amazing. I’m so glad to have Glow as part of my team.

Our brand recognition has grown enormously as a result of working with Glow. The Knights Brown construction sites look super smart in our corporate colours and really stand out. Our publications are very distinctive, and the website is often admired.”

Kate Cusack, Head of Marketing and Communications, Knights Brown

Looking back, we’ve created some incredible designs over the last 4 years. The Knights Brown brand identity is constantly evolving. We never tire of companies getting in touch to let us know they want a strong brand and brand identity, like Knights Brown for their company too.

Our work with Knights Brown

Just a scroll through our blog will demonstrate just how busy they keep us. Don’t forget, you can check out all these Glow-designed Knights Brown projects, and more:

About Knights Brown

Knights Brown is a privately owned, full service, regional construction business with specialist energy sector capability delivered nationwide. Its vision is to be a company people aspire to work for, that always endeavours to deliver the best experience for its customers.

Happy 5th Birthday Knights Brown from the whole Glow team!

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