Finding Your Tone of Voice


Here at Glow, we believe it’s important to find your tone of voice; it’s not all about looks you know! Your company’s personality will intrigue potential customers and keep them coming back for more.

Perfecting your company’s tone will ensure you’re attracting the right people for your brand (you don’t want a donkey appearing at your horse race!) If you’re still unsure of its importance, we’re here to help!


tone of voice

What exactly is a tone of voice?

No matter how subtle, every company that advertises uses its tone of voice in its adverts and website. It’s something that remains with the customer; it allows the company to become a more familiar and friendly face.  A tone of voice isn’t what you say, but rather how you choose to say it; this can determine whom you attract!  How are you going to appeal to your target audience? Your tone can be a valuable tool.

Coca-Cola has perfected its brand identity and personality to project what they wish to sell. Just a quick scroll through their website solidifies their inclusive and celebratory image by using colloquial language to express that welcoming feeling of joy and festivity. You crave their product regardless of your age, ethnicity, or gender. Coca-Cola has achieved their happy image through the way they encourage their customers to ‘break free and try new experiences,’ Their choice of words allows them to be seen as an adventurous and pleasurable brand that consistently remains suitable for their broad demographic.

Your sights may not be set quite so high as Coca-Cola but crafting your tone of voice can help to promote your products and services more successfully.

At Glow, we take pride in the conversational approach to our tone of voice. We love to use our humour as a way for our clients to see the personality behind our work. Although our humour is sometimes on par with poor dad jokes, we see it as a way of being true to our values; passion, wow, smile. We all genuinely love what we do, are a happy bunch, and want to impress you with our skills!


tone of voice

Finding your voice

A tone of voice both embodies and expresses a brand’s personality and values. To begin crafting your voice, think about your brand’s disposition. Here are some things to bear in mind:

  • Firstly, determine your uniqueness. What does your company value? What makes you stand out from others?
  • Secondly, what’s appropriate for your environment? Different industries often require a different tone of voice so being attentive to your industry’s customer approach can help.
  • Thirdly, determine what you wish to contribute to the conversation. This is when you can genuinely show your personality and authenticity. This is a chance to gain customers’ trust.


tone of voice

How to maintain your newfound tone of voice

A consistent tone of voice helps to build relationships with prospects and clients.  It’s important to maintain your tone of voice throughout everything you do, so keep it as real as possible!

Some pointers to help you maintain your tone of voice:

  • Are you remaining true to your brand and projecting the right personality? If you’re struggling to maintain a confident tone, try another one.
  • Your voice can evolve with your company; your company will evolve and your tone of voice can develop with a changing or growing brand. If your website and logo changes, maybe it’s time to revise your voice!
  • Always keep your values in mind.

If you’re not yet bored of listening to us, and want to know more, we always welcome a chat. You might even get lucky and hear one of our amazing jokes!

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