‘We Are Knights Brown’ Video


In the studio this week our client, Knights Brown, has marked two years of the Knights Brown brand launch. To celebrate, Knights Brown approached Glow to create a corporate video, to outline all the elements that make their company special.  

We’ve worked closely with the team for 4 years, and having designed the Knights Brown brand ourselves, we feel like we know what makes Knights Brown different. 

The team at Knights Brown wanted the video to provide an overview of their services and sectors and an insight into the personality behind the brand, as well as showing the diversity of their portfolio. 

They were keen for the audience to feel like they know the company better, understand their ethos and values. Knights Brown pride themselves on being a great place to work for, and with.  

At Glow, we worked with the Knights Brown team to write a script and plan out the required action shot list. This was to be created using a combination of new and existing footage, project photography images and graphics. We needed to outline what new footage needed to be filmed and who needed to be involved. 

Filming took place in Wales on the 13th of August at two different locations, the Knights Brown Bridgend office and the Rockwell site, which is a live project they are currently working on.  

Once all footage, stills and graphics were collated, these were then edited into a first cut and we worked with Knights Brown to finalise the video. This included voiceover work and editing videos and stills to best suit the script. 

The video will be used to show to prospective clients, suppliers and employees, but also to tell those that think they know Knights Brown, something they don’t know. 

We absolutely love the final outcome and feel it completely describes Knights Browntheir values and personality. And, more importantly, the client loved it too.  

We’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve watched it quite a few times now, and it still gives us goosebumps. 

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